About Dr. David Mitchell

My story

Dr. David Mitchell is the Executive Director of Practical Life Coaching Center. He earned his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in 2005, and Post-Doc certifications in Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Integrated Behavioral Healthcare in 2006. David has extensive experience working with clients who have experienced a variety of traumatic life events. He has helped hundreds of clients work through life issues that led them to experience anxiety and depression. David has a deep understanding of how personal issues may serve to motivate or hinder us and has the ability to attend to each of his clients with sensitivity and insight. While working in a Clinical setting, David was a Trauma Specialist/Educator, he led others to a deeper understanding of working with individuals with a history of emotional and/or sexual trauma. David has extensive training as a Shamanic Practitioner and uses Mindfulness based interventions specifically tailored to each client’s need.

As a Life Coach, David’s personal philosophy is not to help clients see what is wrong with them, but rather to help them acknowledge and embrace what is right with them. He is often heard saying that “he helps his clients learn/experience the Practical How-To’s for Life’s Ought-To’s.” Quite simply, in order to facilitate any impactful transformation, we must first take inventory of the mental, physical and emotional self and where we exist in space at this very moment.

David has learned the value of getting out of the office and getting into the real world with his clients. He recognized a critical gap in the standard treatment model and made it his business to fill it. Clients often need help, not only discussing their feelings and problems but, taking action toward living differently. You don’t get there nearly as effectively by simply talking. In this way, David is not simply utilizing his experience and education to help clients discuss problems and think their way toward resolution, he helps them create positive change.

David is originally from Riverside, California and has a passion for nutrition, fitness, health, and wellness. After being diagnosed with stage 3 Cancer in 2006, he has transformed his own life and diet from a highly unhealthy, stressful, and stationary one, to a life where he now lives Cancer free (12 years in remission YES!!!) David knows first hand how difficult it can be to change the way you think, act, believe, feel, and live. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.


Feedback & Reviews

“Dr. Mitchell and his staff are simply the best. Unless I arrive too early for an appointment, I’ve never had to wait to be seen. Dr. Mitchell is always relaxed and upbeat. His easy style enables me to open up and share my feelings and concerns. I appreciate our therapeutic chats, which offer me the opportunity to hear alternative perspectives and solution that I hadn’t previously considered as options to resolve pressing life issues. On a 5 star rating, Dr. M gets a 10.”  


“Always prompt and courteous, Dr. Mitchell has a pleasant and kind personality. He’s not the stereotype Life Coach prone to sitting mutely while I babble and he takes written or laptop notes. Rather, Dr. Mitchell listens, engages and interacts with me. I find him to be intuitive, supportive and empathetic, yet honest and forthright with me in an encouraging manner. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Mitchell, and I feel he has a sincere interest for my future success.”


Janice R


“PLCC is the best Life Coaching practice I’ve ever been to. A soothing experience, from my first appointment set-up through my office visits. Dr. Mitchell is easygoing, good hearted person. I see Dr. Mitchell, and feel he goes above and beyond as my Life Coach. He is one of the few authentically trained and credentialed Life Coaches in the Tidewater area. You’ll receive wonderful care at PLCC.”  


Kim B